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Antique Hoosier Cabinet History, Identification, & Value

It is about the kitchen cabinets sold from the turn of the century to the s and the companies that made them. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Philip d Kennedy Pub, More information about this seller Contact this seller. Book Description

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Hoosier cabinets are so popular among antiques collectors and vintage kitchenware enthusiasts that reproductions abound. If you’re shopping for an authentic antique, keep the following tips in mind:. Hoosier-style cabinets are among the most practical antique collectibles on the market. Organization is just as important in today’s hoosier as how was in the kitchens of a century ago.

You can display and enjoy your cabinet in one of the following ways:. Their many practical uses and classic beauty make Hoosier-style cabinets a hot hoosier item on the antiques market. Before buying, do your homework to make sure you’re looking hoosier the real thing and that shipping won’t break the bank. Cabinet a little time and date, you’ll find the perfect Hoosier cabinet your home.

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Hoosier Cabinets: The Swiss Army Knife of American Cabinetry

The History of Hoosier Cabinets. The first Hoosier-style cabinet was made by a furniture manufacturing company named Sellers in in Elwood, Indiana. Sellers later moved to New Castle. Between and there were several dozen manufacturers of Hoosier-style cabinets. After a fire, they moved to New Castle and at the height of production were making nearly cabinets per day. Many contribute the name of the cabinet to this company, while others contend it is named after the nickname for Indiana as that is where most of the cabinets were manufactured.

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Antique Hoosier Cabinets

Did you know that? Have you ever noticed these? They help you date pieces, figure out where they were made, and determine worth if the maker is reputable or rare.

Today coveted antique store or flea market finds, Hoosier Cabinets were once a kitchen staple in American households. Pre-dating modern.

Can anybody help me identify this cabinet. It is different from all the pictures I’m seeing. The top cabinet goes all the way to the table top and has glass fronts one still has it’s design. There are two shelves inside. There is the metal guides that connect the top to the bottom. The table top is enamel. The bottom cabinet has a configuration that I haven’t seen in any pictures. You have two small drawers on each side with the metal bread drawer in the middle. Then you have two cabinet doors and inside is one shelf.

It is on casters. Currently painted white.

How to Identify a Hoosier Cabinet

Hoosier kitchen cabinets were extremely common in the first two decades of the 20th century. Named for their origin in Indiana, the Hoosier state, the cabinets were a modern variation of a 19th-century baker’s cabinet design, and some late Hoosier cabinets adopted a contemporary art deco appearance. Knowledge of the Hoosier cabinet’s history can help an antique buyer know whether a particular cabinet is a Hoosier-style cabinet, whether it is authentically “Hoosier” and whether it falls into the late art deco period of Hoosier cabinet development.

This freestanding cabinet handled all the kitchen bustle in the early 20th century, earning it the motto ‘Hoosier saves steps’.

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Hoosier cabinet

By , the Sellers plant employed 99 people, making it the second largest factory based on employees in Elwood. In , Wilfred Sellers company president noted that the company typically produced 75, to 85, hoosier per year. In hoosier early s, coloring was featured, and new products were sold such as built-in kitchen cabinets and breakfast sets.

Very practical and functional, Hoosier cabinets aren’t just pieces of antique If there’s a date by the manufacturer’s stamp, even better — then you can see if it.

Hoosier Cabinets Book. Description from the back cover of the book. This book is for anyone who owns a “hoosier” cabinet, is trying to find one, or is planning to restore one. It is about the kitchen cabinets sold from the turn of the century to the s and the companies that made them. Many old magazine advertisements for kitchen cabinets are included in this book, some dating back to These advertisements can prove invaluable when attempting to identify or date old cabinets.

There are also many photographs of restored cabinets that will help you to identify old kitchen cabinets. The final section of this book is about restoring old kitchen cabinets. It tells you how to strip, repair, and refinish “Hoosier” cabinets. Many of the tips and techniques we have learned while restoring Hoosier and other brands of cabinets are included. Hoosier Book. State Rd. West Branch, MI

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