Halle Berry And Hugh Jackman Had A Secret Romantic Backstory For Storm And Wolverine

Story Story Writer Forum Community. The RoLo Archive. Focus: Comics X-Men, Since: Here you’ll find a collection of OroroLogan hence RoLo stories, whether they are romance or simply just friendship stories. I love Storm and Wolverine pairings and I know there’s a large following out there, so I decided it was time to put them in one place. Please feel free to contact me if you think I may have missed one! Ororo thinks it’s rubbish but she just might be desperate enough to try it. Meanwhile Logan finds poker with his buds is just the right game to get back at the Panther.

Wolverine and Storm……Again?!

When one thinks of Wolverine, one automatically thinks of violence, mystery, savagery, and… romance? When Logan first laid eyes on this red-haired mutant, he instantly fell claws over heels. As Wolverine and Jean Grey grew closer, passion turned to admiration and Wolverine fell in deep love with his comrade-in-arms. As we said, Wolverine has buried many lovers, but poor Jean was buried more than once.

Storm and wolverine dating. Alternative versions of Storm – Wikipedia.. January 17, by Edward Walker.

A common trait that binds these women is that they die tragically for being close to him. Some have survived, but their relationship with Logan has never been the same after. Silver Fox was a mutant who Wolverine loved in the early s, until she was killed by Sabretooth. He loved a Japanese woman called Itsu in the s and had a son with her called Daken. He also has an on and off relationship with a former assassin called Yukio who is the guardian of his adoptive daughter, Amiko. Each woman represents a different facet of his personality and responded to him in different ways.

Wolverine met Mariko in Japan and fell in love with her over the course of several adventures.

Kendall Logan (Earth-9811)

Fans may also remember they have been paired together in many alternate dimensions and produced offspring such as Torrent. When series writer was asked about the romance aspect of Wolverine and the X-men he said. Lowe then told us to expect ramifications for Storm and her fellow teachers in June This is a huge story that has a big ramifications for Wolverine,. What do you guys think of the blatant disregard for her marriage? Are you happy she may now be with fan favorite wolverine?

The whole Cyclops Jean Grey Wolverine love triangle needs to stop, I preferred it when it was Cyclops with Emma Frost, Wolverine with Storm, and Jean Grey in.

Alternative versions of Storm Storm kills Wolverine for unknown reasons as an agent of the Consortium as yet unrevealed and betrays the X-Men. They watched s Blind Dating. A simple story where Chris Pine plays a blind young man who thinks he finds love with an Indian woman. Posts about storm written by To release that storm dating fellow mutant on top of a comic book characters and what level do you thought had real potential.

Stranger things actor david harbour has Over the years, Storm and Logan maintained their friendship. After Wolverine died, a distraught Storm left the planet to mourn. This was the first time in years that Date Night! Kitty and Iceman! And… Storm and Wolverine? Read more.

Halle Berry Says Storm and Wolverine Were a Secret Couple in the X-Men Movies

Wolverine has lived a very long life, which would really help explain why he’s had so many relationships in the past century or so. And with joining the X-Men which, ironically, is filled with women , you’re bound to spark a relationship with someone. He’s also been forced to slay her more than once, as Jean Grey has a habit of resurrecting as an all-powerful cosmic being.

Another X-Men member Wolverine knocked boots with his Storm.

Storm, having taken a floating tower with a garden in the Jean Grey School as Ororo is nervous about dating but T’Challa assures her she can date whoever.

Jean Grey : Girls flirt with the dangerous guy, they don’t bring him home; they marry the good guy. Wolverine : I can be the good guy. Jean Grey : Logan, the good guy sticks around. Jean Grey : Go! I’ll handle him! Magneto : His name is Colonel William Stryker, and he invaded your mansion for one purpose: he wanted Cerebro, or enough of it to build one of his own.

Jean Grey : But that doesn’t make any sense. Stryker would need the Professor to operate it.

20 Years Of ‘X-Men’: Here Are Some Craziest Facts About Stunning Mutants

During an interview and when pressed for hidden backstory details about the character, Berry recently revealed that she and Wolverine Hugh Jackman were lovers and had a significant romantic history. Wolverine Logan has had his healing heart broken a number of times, most notably with Jean Grey. Berry quickly responded with the following;.

Read Logan Howllet / Wolverine from the story Marvel imagines by Storm and Logan along with Jean and Scott. Y/n: I’M NOT DATING YOUR BROTHER. +.

Torrent is the daughter of Storm and Wolverine on Earth – an alternate reality where the heroes and villains assembled by the Beyonder Earth to fight in the conflict known as the Secret Wars never left Battleworld , the patchwork planet created by the Beyonder for them to fight on. A mutant, Kendall can manipulate the weather like her mother and, like her father, possesses a healing factor. After the heroes and villains called a truce, many of them settled down to raise families in a portion of the city of Denver that formed part of the planet.

When their children were in their late teens, the son of Doctor Doom and Enchantress Earth , Vincent von Doom Earth , assembled a team of the villains’ children and battled the children of the heroes, including Torrent, until their parents intervened. Also like her father Torrent has an extremely bad temper, but her mother’s good attitude. She is highly trained as a fighter and as stealthy as an assassin.

Wolverine and the X-Men Vol 1 24

In addition to his X-Men teammates, alternate universes have even seen him hook up with everyone from Sue Storm to Elektra. Sticking with the main continuity of the comics, there are several women who made a lasting impression on Logan – whether it was a long romantic chapter of his life or a one night stand. Rose thought of him as a dear family friend and married someone else. Most of the women Wolverine genuinely care for meet sticky ends.

Apr 26, – Logan and storm go on a long overdue date!

Storm Fan Fics. This is a fan fic page for Storm of the X-Men. She has a special place in my heart,’Cus she is my longest running obsession. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 What if Storm had a long lost sister? Alternate Reality fic. Storm and Gambit have a bet! Nina Life Dance Logan and Ororo meet out doors. One of the first ever fics I’ve read! Nikia Johnson Tender Moments It’s sooooo lovely I can’t put it into words you really have to read it yourself! Read this fic!

Lororo (Logan x Ororo)

A majority of the school staff takes a night off, and we see neither them nor the students for more than a panel or two. What ensues, however, is a charming montage of scenes where the two travel around the world performing good deeds for those in need. Ororo is understandably upset over her husband annulling their marriage in the heat of battle and finds a full-power Danger Room session with her oldest friend exactly what she needs. Ultimately, she makes three important changes in her life.

She more or less abandoned her warm, Mother Earth persona, and became — in a word — awesome. Yes, it was Darker and Grittier, but it really worked.

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Wolverine & Storm On Screen Romances